• About PATEKER 



    PATEKER, founded in 2013, is a world-renowned brand that focuses on Pet products. PATEKER owns 1(3) sub-brands: ROKR、Rolife and Robud.

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    At PATEKER, we are dedicated to providing innovative, imaginative, and educational products to our customers all worldwide. PATEKER has designed  over 20 createive items including our famous PATEKER clipper. Here at PATEKER, our goal is to build DIY for your enjoyment and at the same time to strengthen capability and creativity. In addition, our excellent Research & Development team offers you the opportunity to customize the projects as you like.



    We always keep in mind that “Quality is the priority”, constantly working to improve our products in order to reach the standard of PSE. We believe that customers would grow up happily through assembling our innovative products. We also have loyal customers from all around the world.


    Based on the continuous development of the company and long-time commitment to e-commerce, we have an excellent capacity to provide other corporations with a complete range of services, including advertising, marketing, business management consulting, and advisory services.


    We help to develop creative brand strategies and orchestrated brand content, so as to build an influential corporate brand image. We offer integrated marketing solutions based on the analysis of the market situation and target customers to ensure that your investments can work at their most effectively. We have rich experience and diverse channels to give you access to more business opportunities.


    Having received much good feedback, it is firmly believed that we can do better in advertising, marketing, etc. We are always your best partner!

    We hope that you will join us in our fun-filled journey.