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✅ [With LED & Foot Trimming] The dog clipper has an LED lamp at the tip, so you can trim while checking the condition of hard-to-see areas such as paws and buttocks. The blade, which is designed to protrude for a long time, comes in contact with your pet's fur enough to increase its sharpness. With just this one item, you can always trim the soles and skin test at home to protect your pet's health and beauty.
✅ [Silent Design & Safe Design] This product has a silent design, so you don't have to worry about the operation noise, and you don't have to worry about frightening your pet. And it's made in a slim shape, so it fits very well when you hold it, and you'll be able to finish your work quickly while controlling it well. The cutting edge is rounded, so you don't have to worry about damaging your dog's skin.  
✅ [Compact & Lightweight] The compact size makes it easy to turn around, and it is perfect for trimming areas that tend to get dirty, such as paws, ears, and around the face. In addition, it is very lightweight with a weight of 110g, so it is a great point that your arms and hands will not get tired.
✅ [Easy to operate & enjoy trimming at home] Just press to switch the speed
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